Lube Oil Gearboxes for Boiler Feed Pumps, Power Station

CUSTOMER Irish Power Station.

THE SYSTEM 6 gearboxes for boiler feed pumps, made by VOITH. Oil type: Mobil DTE Light oil Oil volume: 1,600 L

THE PROBLEM The oil samples showed a high contamination level of particles, water and oxidation by-products. Due to the water ingress, rust was spotted during the yearly inspection. The ISO code was 21/19/16, which is critical for any lubrication system, and will shorten the life time of the components. The measured 1602 ppm of water causes rust and is a catalyst for oil oxidation.

THE SOLUTION A CJC™ Filter Separator PTU3 27/54 P-E1PW with a pump flow of 350 L/h was installed, using a CJC™ Filter Inserts BLAT 27/27 (3 μm absolute filtration and water separation with coalescing element). The aim of installing a filter separator was to remove particles, water and oxidation by-products.

THE TEST Water had to be removed to avoid any rust, and wear and tear on the components had to be reduced to extend the life time on the feed pump. Therefore CJC™ was tested to solve this situation.

THE RESULT Since the installation the filter has removed 99.29% of all 2 μm particles, 98.3% of all 5 μm particles, and 99.57% of all 15 μm particles (see table). The water level has been reduced from 1602 ppm down to 26 ppm, and most oxidation by-products have been absorbed.
No more water, no more rust! The cleanliness level measured 29.03.06 was ISO 14/13/9, and the low water content of 26 ppm means that the Life Extension Factor on system components has been increased by up to 6 times!
The Feed Boiler Pump and the PTU3 27/54 P
11.03.05 28.06.05 04.11.05 29.03.06 Particles, 2 μm 1,982,201 1,721,924 46,1720 13,949 Particles, 5 μm 469,456 34,6961 11,5974 7,977 Particles, 15 μm 62,466 37,925 1,827 270 Water, ppm 1,602 44 50 26 ISO Code 21/19/16 21/19/16 19/17/11 14/13/9 Oxidation by-products 25% 35% 40% 5% THE RESULT

Engineer Comments: “Impressive results, and by suddenly discharging a large amount of water, the filter  also identified cooler leakage.”