Hydraulic Oil Cement Mill, Vertical Raw Mill, Hydraulic System

CUSTOMER Holcim Philippines Incorporated, Bulacan Plant, Bulacan Phils. THE SYSTEM Cement Mill, Vertical Raw Mill # 4, Hydraulic System 1 & 2.
Oil Type: ISO VG 68, Tellus-68 Capacity: 2 x 1,680 Liters

THE PROBLEM Holcim Philippines – Bulacan Plant is doing a quarterly machine condition monitoring through oil analysis. On May 15, 2012, they found out that the oil in the Hydraulic System 1 & 2 on Raw Mill #4 was heavily contaminated with silicon and wear particles. Due to high operation cost, maintenance downtime and concern on oil consumption cost, they wanted to install a reliable solution to solve their contamination problems. THE SOLUTION A CJC™ Filter Separator PTU2 27/27 PV 4-14-9 with a CJC™ Filter Insert BLAT 27/27 was installed to reduce the contamination and wear particles present in the oil. One month of continuous filtration resulted in a dramatic decreased in oil contaminations that lead to a high savings on oil change alone. FINANCIAL BENEFITS The customer saved 2 x 1,680 Liters of oil to approximately PHP 287,360.- (EUR 5,455,-). Furthermore, Holcim has additional savings on labour cost, spare parts and unwanted downtime. ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Due to longer oil change intervals, cost savings on disposal were obtained.

THE TEST On May 15, 2012, the ISO Code cleanliness level was 19/17/14. On June 12, after only one month of filtration, the ISO Code level was reduced to 16/14/11.

THE RESULT The installation helped to attain plant Oil-Consumption- Ratio (OCR) Target in one month. Furthermore, the Mean-Time-Between-Failures (MTBF) was increased.