Hydraulic Oil Cement Mixer

CUSTOMER Trondheim Betongpumping AS, 7095 Ler, Norway.
THE SYSTEM Hydraulics upon a cement mixer, hydraulic pump and valve system.
THE PROBLEM Contaminated oil causing valve blockage and pump failure. Hydraulic valves are often cleaned twice daily.
THE SOLUTION A CJC™ HDU 27/27 P-EM Mobile Filter with a Filter Insert B 27/27 (3 micron absolute).
THE TEST The HDU 27/27 P-EM was connected to a 25 L. bucket with contaminated oil. The oil was circulated overnight and the oil appearance became bright and clean.
THE RESULT The Mobile Filter is now circulated with regular intervals between 3 cement mixer lorries whilst parked overnight, with very good results

COMMENTS Jens Paul Moe of Trondheim Betongpumping AS: Jens Paul Moe says that previous problems with the hydraulic valves and pumps no longer occur. It has not been necessary to change oil, only to top up as required. “We have made savings on components and labour and the daily problems we were experiencing have disappeared.”