Hydraulic Oil Aluminium Injection Moulder

CUSTOMER RUFFINI, S.A, a company making moulding of pressure cast pieces made of aluminium alloys, mainly intended for the car industry.

THE SYSTEM 24 Injection machines, makes ITALPRESSE, PRETRANSA and IDRAPRESSE, from 500 up to 2,500 tons.

THE PROBLEM RUFFINI, S.A. wanted a suitable oil quality for the hydraulic system, general servo systems and critical systems of these machines that would be within category ISO 16/14/10.

RUFFINI, S.A. also wanted to reduce break- downs and unplanned stoppage hours, as well as to make longer the life of the oil that was replaced every year and avoid the complicated cleaning of the tanks of the injection machines, too.

THE SOLUTION CJC™ Depth Fine Filters LG 15/25 L with CJC™ Filter Inserts BG 15/25 of 3 μm absolute were installed. Thanks to the qualities of these Filter Inserts water and particles up to 1 μm were removed, and water and resins were absorbed, which are the end products of oxidation of oil.

THE RESULT In 1 month the contamination level was reduced by 90% and in 3 months by 99%, getting an ISO code twice under the recommended level, what helped to make life of hydraulic parts longer. Contamination of injection machines resulting from obstruction was reduced, as well as that of servo valves that from 18 stoppages has been reduced down to 2 stoppages per injection machine yearly.
The process removed not only abrasive particles, but also resins and moisture. As it is no longer necessary to clean the tank, and as the oil life time has been prolonged, the customer has obtained a saving of € 17,424 yearly.