Hydraulic Oil Siwertell Ship Unloader, Boom Lifter, Power Plant

CUSTOMER AES Philippines-Masinloc Power Partners Co. Ltd., Philippines

THE SYSTEM Siwertell Ship Unloader A & B Boom Lifter (to unload coal from vessels to the power plant) Oil Type: Chevron ISO VG 46 Oil Volume: 2 x 700 L

THE PROBLEM AES took over the operation of the power plant in April, 2008, and found that the oil in the hydraulic system was heavily contaminated with water, contamination and wear particles. The oil company advised AES to change the oil, but in view of the high operation costs and maintenance requirements, they would like to have a permanent solution to the problem.

THE SOLUTION In order to solve the problem and ensure smooth operation, a CJC™ Filter Separator PTU2 27/27 PV-E2W with a pump flow of 110 L/h and a CJC™ Filter Insert BLAT 27/27 (3 micron absolute) and automatic water separation were installed.

FINANCIAL BENEFITS A saving of PHP 1,200,000.00 • (17,524 EUR) downtime per day due to lubrication problems during unloading A saving of 700 L of hydraulic oil at a cost • of PHP 191,360.00 (2,794 EUR) PHP 5,000.00 • (73 EUR) saved in labour costs for the discard and refill of 2 x 700 L of hydraulic oil

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Disposal cost savings due to longer oil change intervals (hidden cost). THE RESULT Particles and wear contaminants are now being removed from the system and no oil change is required. Water was reduced from 440 ppm to 90 ppm. A total of 2 x CJC™ Filters were installed on both A & B ship unloaders. So far, there has been no filter insert changed since the beginning of the operation. One filter insert change per year is recommended