Diesel Fuel Diesel bulk filtration, diesel storage tank, mine site, storage & day tanks

CUSTOMER Sadiola, Anglogold Ashanti, Gold mine, Mali.

SYSTEM 1 storage tank:  1,500 m³ 2 day tanks:  each 60 m³ Oil type:  diesel fuel Daily consumption: 144,000 liters

PROBLEM The diesel at Sadiola was heavily contaminated when delivered to the mine site. CAT recommend a cleanliness level of ISO 18/16/13. But incoming diesel was ISO 23/21/14, which resulted in extremely high consumption of inlinefilters. SOLUTION A CJC™ Filter Separator PTU3 27/108 GP 3-stay and a CJC™ Filter Separator PTU3  27/108 GP 6-stay were installed to kidney loop and transfer diesel from storage tank to first day tank with CJC™ Filter Inserts type BLAT. Furthermore, a CJC™ HDU 427/108 was installed to transfer diesel between day tanks and keep day tanks clean, with CJC™ Filter Inserts type F. A CJC™ Filter Insert has a dirt holding capacity of four kilos of dirt and two kilos of water.

FINANCIAL BENEFITS With an annual consumption of 52,000,000 liters and in this case very dirty diesel, the high dirt holding capacity of CJC™ Filter Inserts, translates into annual savings of 7,606,828 USD compared to in-line filtration. *)

– Cost with CJC™ Diesel Filter.. 277,171 USD   – Cost with in-line filter ………… 7,884,000 USD   – Annual saving compared      to in-line filter …………………… 7,606,828 USD =========

Based on 75 mg dirt per liter diesel and an annual consumption of 52 million litres. Outgoing diesel cleanliness level ISO 15/13/10.

*)  Above calculation is based on actual  consumer prices in Western Africa.