Lube Oil Cap Forming Press, Lubricating System

CUSTOMER IN.CAM. Fabbrica Barattoli SpA, a major Italian producer of food cans, caps and easy-to-open lids. Manufacturing plant of Campegine (Reggio Emilia – Italia). THE SYSTEM Closed loop lubrication system of a press for shell capsule production. Willy Vogel lubrication pump unit. Oil type: EP ISO VG 150 Oil volume: 6 L THE PROBLEM The lubricating pumps are dispensing oil to all the components of the press. The oil is then collected by gravity at the bottom of the press and sent back to the oil tank. During this cycle, the oil collects dirt and particles very rapidly, leading to frequent oil changes because of the high level of particle contamination. Contamination was furthermore creating serious problems of excessive wear to the press components. The engineering department of IN.CAM. was not satisfied with the high maintenance costs and production lost due to unplanned breakdowns. THE SOLUTION A CJC™ Fine Filter HDU 15/25 MZ equipped with 21 L/h pump and CJC™ Filter Inserts BG 15/25 was installed on the lubrication pump tank (drawing oil from the tank, filtering and sending it back) . THE RESULTS A few days after the installation, oil contamination codes were reduced to an acceptable level, allowing an optimal lubrication of components and eliminating the need for oil changes. After four months of operation the ISO level went from an ISO Code 22/20/18 down to 17/16/13. FINANCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS The CJC™ Fine Filter reduced costs for new oil and for waste oil disposal, and – more importantly – is now ensuring a constant high level of cleanliness, a fundamental parameter for press reliability.