Lube Oil Sunds Pulp Refiner

CUSTOMER Catalyst Paper, Elk Falls Division. Campbell River, BC, Canada.

THE SYSTEM Sunds pulp refiner, 250 Litres of Chevron 68 Gear Compound oil.

THE PROBLEM In October 2005 Catalyst Paper performed a full rebuild on their P4 Sunds refiner. Since the system was very contaminated from the rebuild, they decided to try a CJC mobile Filter Separator to remove the particles and the water from the system during startup.

THE SOLUTION For this application we selected a CJC™ PTU2 27/27 PV-E2MW Filter Separator, fitted with a 3 micron absolute CJC™ Filter Insert BLAT 27/27. It was mounted on of heavy-duty cart to handle the tough environment of a paper mill. For ease of portability, the filter was set up for 110 Volt input power.

THE TEST 3 oil samples were taken over the course of 48 hours and their results compared.

THE RESULT After 24 hours of filtration, the particles in the 2 μm range dropped by 93%; after 48 hours the count was roughly 1% of the original value. Similarly, water content went from 1,639 ppm to virtually zero.