Lubrication Oil Excavator, Diesel Engine

CUSTOMER Corporación Nacional del Cobre Codelco/Finning – Chile. Division Radomiro Tomic Chile.
THE SYSTEM Lube oil system on the diesel engine of a Caterpillar excavator type D10R. Engine type 3412TA with a power output of 570 hp and an oil sump of 60 ltr. Oil type 15 W 40.
THE PROBLEM The customer experienced frequent failure of the injection pump due to high contamination of the lubricating oil.
THE SOLUTION CJC™ Fine Filter HDU 27/27 PV with a 24 V DC motor installed off-line on the engine sump. The filter uses a CJC™ Filter Insert A 27/27 filtering to 3 micron abs. and absorbing water and combustion material. The insert has a dirt holding capacity of 4 litres.
THE RESULT The filter unit has reduced the contamination to a level 4 times lower than when new oil was introduced. This has arrested the problem and increased the life time of the injection pump and oil dramatically.